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  • About PensionMandate

    PensionMandate.com is a business intelligence database for business development and marketing departments within the asset management firms. We are an alternative service delivering real-time Information about institutional investor activity in Europe, Americas and Asia including countries like the United Kingdom, The Netherlands, Switzerland, France, Italy, Germany, Norway, Sweden, Denmark, Finland, Austria, Ireland, United States, and Canada. Our data cover main asset classes like Equities, Bonds, Real Estate and also the Alternative ones including: Hedge Funds, Infrastructure, Absolute Return, Currency Management, Diversified Growth Funds, Timber, Commodities, Private Equity etc.

  • About Managers Universe

    The Instintell Live Database assists institutional investors and consultants to conduct rigorous assessments of investment products offered by asset management firms around the World. Our System provides institutional investors and consultants with asset manager product data. The information is seen by thousands institutional in-house personnel and investment consultants working directly with institutional investors. The presence on our platform offers an important brand exposure and intensifies your current marketing and business development efforts. Asset managers can update their product information at any time in a very user-friendly manner. Documents in Excel, MS Word, PDF and other formats can be uploaded and downloaded by any user of our platform. Institutional investors and investment consultants have access to independent and impartial data and can assess and compare a wide diversity of products.